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We draw on many years of experience & expertise to provide the very best personal service

Hempel Arts is a bespoke service that helps you find one-off pieces or small collections for private homes, create impressive invaluable specialist collections for display or investment purposes.

Assisted by worldwide professional consultants in various sectors we also work on larger portfolios or more complex projects that perhaps require other fields of expertise.  

Your first consultation will be complimentary.

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Annoushka is an independent art consultant, curator and project manager in contemporary art. 

Having worked extensively in the international contemporary art arena for over 15 years, she has worked with and mentored a large number of emerging contemporary artists worldwide.  

After completing her degree in Art History at SOAS, Annoushka began her working career as an art researcher before opening her own commercial gallery, where she accumulated a solid stable of artists and clients whose trust she gained and whose counsel she still holds. 

Annoushka also co-founded and directed an international contemporary Art Biennale, which has now been running for ten years. Her work led her to work in collaboration with international artists, art biennales, galleries, curators, cultural institutions, academics, museum directors  both in a partnership and advisory capacity. 

Annoushka works independently as well as in partnership with experts in many sectors of the arts.

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Annoushka set up and managed galleries from 2004-17. Over the years she accumulated a solid stable of artists and clients whose trust she gained and whose counsel she still holds. Hempel notably built, developed and has maintained excellent long standing relationships with the artists she has worked with and represented globally.  She has given exposure to many artists internationally and worked collaboratively with galleries, curators and collectors.  In 2010 Annoushka nominated artist Pala Pothupitiya who won first prize at the Sovereign Asian Art prize in Hong Kong. 

The ethos of Hempel Galleries is to motivate artists in the development of artists’ careers taking a multi-faceted approach by working with galleries, curators, artist collectives, museums and private collections.

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Colombo Art Biennale (CAB) was co-founded by Hempel in 2009 to strengthen the platform and enhance awareness of the talent of Sri Lankan contemporary art and culture both within Sri Lanka and around the globe.  CAB has since gone on to host 4 editions to include artists from around 30 countries in Europe, the US and Asia.

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"For a number of years now, I have been impressed by the vigor and sensitivity with which Annoushka works.  I immediately had the impression that I could rely on her intuition and profound expertise at all times. Annoushka has been looking for beautiful things for me that will add another highlight to my demanding surroundings. It impresses me every time how exactly she senses what I have in mind! Be it a sculpture, a painting or a photo collage or a rare vintage car for one of my extensive collections - with profound specialist knowledge, vigor and a great deal of empathy for my wishes and ideas, she fulfills all of my expectations of a distinguished art consultant, who helps me in buying  perfect artworks "


—  Ardi Goldman

Prominent urban developer, restaurant and club owner in Frankfurt / Main Germany and co-partner of an international hotel chain, has been shaping the cultural and architectural cityscape for over three decades. His multiple award-winning buildings and cultural projects have earned him a lot of national recognition.
His extensive collections of diverse works of art and high-class vintage cars, but also the multitude of eccentric hats and pieces of clothing are popular motifs for his friends and guests and prove his sense of aesthetics, beauty and good taste.

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