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Alex Stewart


“Somewhere I have never travelled, gladly beyond”  - E E Cummings

Watercolour paint on paper, Oil on canvas or panel, these are the materials I use to create the images, It gives me freedom, no one formally taught me, and I have no rules. I create a nest where I can listen to a cricket match or music and allow myself to fall into my imagination. I set myself challenges to overcome, I play loud music when I have a thousand leaves to paint and curse myself for not making things easier for myself. I want every painting to be perfect and jewel like, but always I’ll find a flaw, no one else will see it, but its that flaw which is the seed for the next image, a doorway to the next step.

Every time I sit down to paint, all these things sit inside me. As I start, an internal switch takes me on a path of discovery where things appear in my minds eye, it is no longer words or even conscious thinking, it is my language of how I experience life. 

Exhibitions in the UK, Sri Lanka, USA, India since 1993

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