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Lizzie Coleman -Link  Studio Portrait  Frankfurt am Main Photography Dylan Noah Link 2021.


Coleman‘s work is inspired by the patina of life‘s experiences. Re-purposing, responding to given sites, creating concepts for site specific projects, sound collages for radio, light installations and exhibitions. Coleman mixes photography, painting, wall-hangings & tapestries.  Stitching quotes from diverse wisdoms; William Blake, John Donne, Robert Montgomery, Tom Waits & S.E.Hinton.  Found objects from travels, woven stories, oral histories and fluid installations that become more like collections, cabinets of curiosities - depicting the fabric of life.


Coleman’s talent lies in excavating hidden relationships of past, present and future occurences.  Drawing on folk memory, heritage and tradition, oral history passed on from generation to generation.


"With clear decisions in the choice of my materials, usually found vintage pieces, already enbodied with history, enables me to create a journey through many past futures, interweaving my own experiences with the knowledge of enigmatic and unidentified strangers, as representatives of coincidental and mutual ancestors“. EC


Based in Frankfurt am Main, Lizzie Coleman-Link works as a mixed media Artist, Curator and Founder of Raw Art Foundation.


International Arts projects, Curation, Exhibitions & Residencies in Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Scotland, Luxembourg, China, Iceland, France, Bulgaria and Argentina.

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