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Working in the medium of tapestries, drawings and installations, Agha creates artworks that are a physical manifestation of our globalized sensibilities. Agha’s primary materials are thread, fabric and found imagery which she uses to deconstruct an ideology in hopes to write a newer narrative.


Marium Agha (Born 1982, Karachi, Pakistan) studied Painting and Indo-Persian Miniature Painting from the Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, Karachi, Pakistan, receiving her BFA in 2006. Thereafter she earned a Master’sin Fine Art from the University of the Art’s London, Central Saint Martin’s in 2009. She completed a short course in Curating Contemporary Art from the Chelsea School of Art and Design, University of the Arts London in 2009. Agha has developed an original approach, incorporating elements of popular culture and theory in dialogue while deconstructing the historical narrative of love in imagery. Agha’s art confronts and interrogates the given real and supposed representational that surrounds the trajectories outlined by borrowed cultures and ideals of self and others. 

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