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MM (Double M) is a contemporary British artist working in painting, sculpture, and art prints. 


A member of the hard-hitting British band The Prodigy, Maxim is known for his fierce lyrics and vibrant sense of style, in both videos and explosive live shows.  Maxim has been with the band since its inception in 1990 and has toured all seven of their studio albums extensively around the world, picking up numerous awards.


Maxim (MM) has more recently become recognized for his creativity as a visual artist. A self-taught artist, he uses a variety of materials in his works; spray paints, bullets, blades, pills as well as acrylic and ceramic paints, and anything he can get his hands on that will add to the texture of his work. 


MM is best known for his exploration of the meeting point between the sinister and the beautiful, where the viewer is taken on a surreal journey into the artists’ mind and imagination. All works contain symbols of strength and positivity. Rebellion and the rise of the underdog and the weak emerge in his narrative where butterflies represent strength regardless of the situation. His butterfly motifs assume a unique and evocative significance. Traditional symbols of life, death, rebirth and reincarnation, butterflies have been incorporated into the work of some of history’s most celebrated artists, from Salvador Dali to Damien Hirst. MM’s butterflies, however, are rather more sinister – while from afar the viewer is struck by stunning hues and conventional winged beauty, on closer inspection the reality is one of armed creatures, with thoughts and actions uncertain and threatening.


MM is an avid supporter of various charities. Since 2012 he has donated artwork to raise money for research into Breast Cancer, BT ArtBox for ChildLine, and Chain of Hope (cardiac care for children around the world), NHS, Shelter and Young Minds (mental health charity).

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