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Aloysius’ practice explores themes of globalization, emigration, and destruction of tradition. Commercial flight paths are inscribed into the surface of detailed graphite drawings. Originally maps were intuitive and symbolic. Drawings expressed an idea of place rather than a definition of space. There is a conceptual continuity in the work between the idea of drawing and the concept of making one’s mark, of recording and inscribing one’s subjectivity. The pieces oscillate between drawing and painting. Drawing is the moment, the present with reference to past histories and painting is the revisiting of the moment, together creating an anticipated future.

Reginald S Aloysius, a British Sri Lankan Tamil, graduated from The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art before completing his Masters at Kingston University. Aloysius was the overall winner of the National Open Art 2015 and selected for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2011. He has exhibited in London, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and the US.

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