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Cora de Lang has been described by art-critics as a “Transcultural Artist”. Her creative practice draws influence from her rich and varied experiences living and travelling around the globe. 

She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she studied Bellas Artes. During the military rule in the 1980s, Cora emigrated to Europe. Her work as an artist has allowed her to live for many years in Germany, India, Mexico, Spain, Nigeria and Sri Lanka, where she immersed herself in the local creative communities. Her artwork is widely exhibited, and as of 2019, she has participated in 186 exhibitions worldwide. Many of the pieces she has featured are currently in private and state collections. 

Cora’s intercontinental and intercultural experiences have deeply impacted her art and have enabled her to explore a space where magical realism intersects with intercultural symbols. Her creative process involves executing most of her work in layers. This process creates a visual narrative of her own inspirational creativity, experiences and reflections that are overlapped by the materiality of her craft, and the stories she is weaving. She is currently working on experimental digital collages, using materials from her vast artistic archive

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