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Rex Remington was born in the Netherlands and currently lives and works in London. He studied at The Royal Academy of Fine arts in the Hague and the Academy of Arts St Joost in Breda.


Rex Remington is a modern-day storyteller; an artist who invites the viewer to be fully engaged by delivering a unique perspective on our everyday surroundings and presence, by mirroring our daily behaviour and modern

obsession of self-awareness in our society.


Rex’s ‘Offline’ works look at the current addictive social movement between reality and virtual reality.


From an early age Rex formed a strong attachment to the street and its surroundings. Coming from a disturbed and torn family, the street is where he felt inner peace, true to himself and at home. His long solo travels and adventures on the road led him to discover himself as the artist he is today. He discovered a companion in the form of the endless road, and the many lessons it had to share. He discovered gratitude for the many lessons the road had to share – love and pain, beauty and darkness, life and death. But most of all he discovered the beauty and power of the mundane and ever-present things around us. He discovered that being on the road is often far more interesting than the final destination.


With ‘Roadworks’ Rex introduces his treasured companion ‘The Road’ to the viewer.  He shares his experiences of being on the road that include being immersed by the perfect mixture of natural elements like oil, tar and earth and man-made inventions like iron, steel, copper and aluminium. And he reminds us that the road is where adventures happen and where dreams can come true.


‘Rare images of a place called heaven and children of a higher god’: is a series that is an ode to humanity. To humans who think differently. To those who try to change the world.  The colourful ones, creating colour and sharing it with the ones who need it most.  They try to enlighten the path for themselves and above all the path for others.  The ones who shine and give others energy.   The ones who keep on dreaming.  The ones who keep on sparkling.  The people with the right compass and the right compassion, with never ending energy that keep us hoping. Like it always has been. And always will be. Here and now. Now and in the future.

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